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  • 4 Considerations for Hiring Managers to Make in 2020

    4 Considerations for Hiring Managers to Make in 2020

    Posted December 26, 2019 By in In the News

    As we prepare to enter a new year and a new decade, it is the perfect time for businesses and hiring managers to take an introspective look at current recruiting and hiring practices. What are you doing that works? Which hiring practices should be re-evaluated? What could you do differently to set your organization up for hiring success in 2020 and beyond? 

    Here are four planning steps every company should take as we move into the new year and the new decade. 

    Identify roles you anticipate opening. What five (give or take) positions do you anticipate opening up as we enter a new year and a new decade? Are there current employees who are nearing retirement or considering a relocation? Do you have an employee who is expecting a baby and planning to stay home once the child arrives? While some openings may take you by surprise, it’s never too early to begin considering the possibilities and personnel changes your organization may experience in the coming year.  

    Assess your talent pipeline. Once you’ve identified potential job openings within your company, spend some time considering what type of individual will best fill those anticipated job openings? What is the ideal candidate’s desired education, skillset and experience? Who do you know that could fill a particular role? Start by considering your own personal network through associations, boards, etc. 

    Most companies are not aggressive enough to be proactive in building a talent pipeline. Instead, they respond reactively, only beginning the search once the job is open. Often, this leads to making impulse hiring decisions because they can’t afford for the position to sit open for too long. Take the blinders off, think proactively and plan ahead.   

    Consider an employee referral program. If you’re not already leveraging the networks of your current employee base, you are missing out on opportunities to hire experienced, trusted executives who are known and respected. An employee referral program could even save you money by reducing recruiting expenses. For example, a business might offer employees a $3,000 bonus for introducing a candidate, that turns into a hire. This bonus can be paid out over the course of a year, with an immediate $1,500 paid at the time of hire, and the remaining paid if the candidate stays in the position for one year.   

    Evaluate industry trends and differentiators to help you hire and retain great talent. What employee benefits and incentives do you offer that makes your organization attractive to the candidate in an increasingly competitive job market? For example, many organizations within the aviation industry offer aggressive salaries, paying 10 to 20 percent above average. In addition, these organizations often offer lucrative 401k programs, guaranteeing an annual 401k contribution of 20 percent. There is no other industry that currently competes with these incentives.  

    How can your organization meet the needs of employees in trendy ways? We’re talking about half-day Fridays, or unlimited vacation. Upping your incentives package can give your company the leading edge in today’s market. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore new possibilities. Ask your current employees what they’d like to see. Study what others in your industry are offering and emulate what works. 

    As the calendar rolls over to a new decade, don’t sit on your hands and miss the opportunity that awaits. Now is the time for every organization in every industry to take a critical look inside your business practices to identify what you can do and the benefits you can offer to maintain your competitiveness in a zero-unemployment job market. Organizations who don’t take a proactive approach to hiring in the new decade will be left in the dust.  

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    With over 35 years of experience in marketing, sales and operations in Fortune 50 to family-owned businesses, Kurt VandeMotter has perfected the art of establishing candid conversations and building long-term relationships that accelerate companies’ hiring process. It is because of these core specialties that hundreds of firms turn to Kurt and his team to find them the talent they need.  After 13 years in search, his results speak for themselves. Forbes recently ranked Kurt’s company Linked Executive Search as the #1 search firm in TX and 19th in the nation.   

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