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  • Don’t Turn Down Informational Interviews

    Don’t Turn Down Informational Interviews

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    Today I talked with a friend; she is a VP of Human Resources with a big-name Dallas company with international operations.  Her office is housed in a sky-scraper which has the company’s name on it.  I will call her Gail.

    Here is comes… unbelievable.

    Gail reports that she often gets calls from new grads and job seekers and she offers to meet for networking or for an informational interview.  She tells me that only 1 in 100 people – 1% — take her up on her offer to meet. This flabbergasts both of us.

    “I have a great track record for referrals and placements,” she says. ”Everyone I meet gets a job quickly.”.

    So why don’t people take her up on the offer? Is it because she doesn’t actually have an open position to fill and they think it is a waste of their time?

    “I think people believe that the meeting would be a burden to me, or that I made the offer and I did not really mean it,” she says.

    Word to the wise: view informational interviews as job-seeking gold. If anyone who may be able to help you land a job offers to meet for networking or an informational interview, take it.   And thank your lucky stars!

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