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  • The Dating Process: 7 Tips for Success for Job Candidates and Employers

    The Dating Process: 7 Tips for Success for Job Candidates and Employers

    Posted October 3, 2019 By in In the News

    Your palms begin to sweat. A pit grows deep in your stomach. Your hands shake as you fumble over your thoughts. Will they like me? Will we hit it off? Am I dressed appropriately? What if it’s awkward and we don’t have anything to talk about?  

    Sounds an awful lot like a first date. Or is it a job interview? 

    The reality is, the job search is a lot like dating. On both sides of the search, filling an open position takes time. It takes patience as you filter through the frauds. It takes confidence. And a willingness to put yourself out there in an effort to develop an authentic relationship. If you want to hit it off with the other person — whether in dating or in the job search — here are a few tips for success. 

    1. Know what you’re looking for. This is key for both the candidate and the company.  

    As the company, your ideal candidate has a specific set of skills and experience for that particular job. But there is also a specific personality type that will fit in with your team and thrive in your company culture.  

    As an employee, sometimes you have to date a few people — in other words, gain some experience working at a few different jobs/companies — before you can identify what it is that really makes you happy in a job.  

    2. Know how to talk about yourself.  As in the dating world, it can be uncomfortable to talk about yourself, but it’s the only way to become known. Over time, you’ll improve your message, learn which points to emphasize, which questions to ask and what to listen for.  

    As an employer, you must also be ready to talk about your company, and more importantly, answer any questions posed by the candidate. Remember, dating is a two-way street. 

    Especially important for job candidates is the ability to craft a self-description that highlights you, your priorities and goals and what makes you the best fit for the job. 

    3. Listen, ask questions and get to know the other person. Nobody wants to date a person who only talks about him or herself.  

    As an employer, your role in the interview is to ask questions. Are you asking the right questions? Be sure to ask questions that will give you a clear perspective of the job candidate. Listen carefully to their answers and ask follow up questions if needed. 

    If you’re a job seeker, keep in mind that while it is important to know how to talk about yourself, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Complementary to that is the ability to ask the right questions and to listen. Explore, have conversations and take time to consider the possibilities. Remember that an interview isn’t just about answering questions, but it’s your chance to ask them, too. 

    4. Daydream about the future. In dating — and in job hunting — it’s important to try to picture yourself in this “relationship.”

    As a job candidate, consider what working for this company would look like. Does the company culture and values align with your own? Does the possibility of being part of this organization give you butterflies of excitement, or put you to sleep?  

    As an employer, can you visualize a candidate adding value to your business? Is the candidate someone who won’t just get the job done but someone who will buy into your strategy and elevate your success as a company?

    5. Don’t look desperate. Desperation is never attractive, in the dating world or while job hunting. Remember this is a process — trust the process. When desperation sets in, it’s easy to lose your bearings and to reveal a side of yourself that is unprofessional and unbecoming. Desperation also clouds your priorities and perspective.

    Candidates, don’t get so caught up in getting a second or third interview that you forget to consider what it is you really want.  , don’t get so caught up in getting a second or third interview that you forget to consider what it is you really want.  

    Employers, we understand you wanted this job filled yesterday, but take your time to work through the process so you can be sure to hire the candidate that truly is the best fit for the job and for your organization.

    6. Watch for red flags. As the relationship progresses, keep your eyes (and ears) open for clues that this might not be a match made in heaven after all. During an interview, the conversation at hand should be a top priority. As a hiring manager, it’s important that you do not allow yourself to get distracted by phone calls or emails — unless it’s a true emergency — or you’re likely to give the impression you care more about the work than the people who work for you. In 2019, candidates are looking for jobs where people matter first.

    Candidates, show up on time for your interview, practice positive body language and avoid looking at your phone or watch. It’s also important to acknowledge the “gatekeepers,” including the receptionist or administrative assistant who greet you upon your arrival. First impressions matter, so engage everyone you meet.

    7. Listen to your instincts. Always trust your gut; there’s no better guide. If something feels “off,” it probably is. This doesn’t mean you have to run at the first sign of trouble, but proceed with caution. Avoid jumping into a situation that may not be a good fit. And this goes both ways. 

    When you work with Linked Executive Search to fill open positions at your organization, we’ll do the speed dating process for you. We filter out the frauds and narrow down the list to only the top candidates, ensuring that they meet the job requirements before you ever see them. 

    Now, more than ever, candidates are in control. As we zero in on unemployment, job candidates have the power to choose the position that’s the right fit for not only their skills, but also their desired work/life balance. Consider us your own “Million Dollar Matchmaker.” We’ll narrow down the prospects, putting only the best candidates in front of you. We take the time to get to know you, your company culture and the needs of your organization. And we spend time with our candidates, coaching them along the way, to make the dating process as painless as possible. 

    About the Author 

    With over 35 years of experience in marketing, sales and operations in Fortune 50 to family-owned businesses, Kurt VandeMotter has perfected the art of establishing candid conversations and building long-term relationships that accelerate companies’ hiring process. It is because of these core specialties that hundreds of firms turn to Kurt and his team to find them the talent they need.  After 13 years in search, his results speak for themselves. Forbes recently ranked Kurt’s company Linked Executive Search as the #1 search firm in TX and 19th in the nation.   


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