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Outplacement has changed in 2020, the combination of personal conversations, technology and experience differentiates Kurt VandeMotter’s influence on career discussions. Armed with targeted content, contacts, years of executive coaching and insight, VandeMotter has facilitated executives at all levels offering creative personal BRAND solutions.  LINKED founded in 2007, helps companies fill hard to fill positions, today VandeMotter is ready to help companies ensure their former employees succeed in their career transition.



This is the introduction to transforming one’s career. Tools to help an Executives quickly transition to a new opportunity.

  • Individual or small group session – using ZOOM

  • Emotional readiness coaching. Candidates must be ready for this marathon, putting the past in the rear view mirror

  • Building a foundation:

     1. Job search requires time and commitment
    2. Requires that you have a brand
    3. Requires that you have a plan


This is the foundation of developing a customized plan of action for Executives to feel and be successful in their search.

  • Three week, one on one weekly conversations.

  • Future evaluation, exploration, collaboration and research

  • Resume building, LinkedIn coaching.

  • Executives are held to weekly goals and timeline.

  • Personal brand communication/ employee positioning in workforce.

  • Includes Bronze coaching


Long term personalized coaching, facilitating the full cycle of the Executive’s transition from start to employment.

  • Three – six-month commitment from employee.

  • Complete personal needs assessment including long term options in alternative careers.

  • Develop a personal plan: timelines, networking meetings, personalized tools to accelerate search.

  • Interview prep, salary negotiations and unlimited access to resources and coach