The Art of Hello

Am I becoming a broken record? 

As I advocate in all the presentations of The Art of Hello™  every professional will be benefited by having a personal brand statement that is short and understandable. Clearly and brevity will allow you to be remembered. And if you spend the time to craft your brand statement, the ROI on spending an hour doing so is enormous because it is useful and durable. 

Once crafted you will use it to introduce yourself when meeting people in person, it will be at the top of your LinkedIn profile, in the summary of your resume, your leave behind in a voicemail, in your signature block, if allowed on your business card, in your social media, in your bio, and anywhere that you introduce yourself and want to be remembered. 

Take the time to craft and use your professional brand consistently and you will be rewarded by being remembered. Broken record or not, this works.


“Paula recently gave her presentation, The Art of Hello, at a professional women’s group that I chair. Her presentation style is engaging and interactive, and her advice on introducing yourself in a way that is memorable is unique. She uses several examples to show different ways to tailor her formula to your specific situation. She also provides handouts that can be used to guide you through the development of your own introduction. Our group asked a lot of questions and felt like they really benefitted from the evening. It’s rare to have a speaker who provides such specific and actionable advice, along with the tools to follow through. This was perfect for our group, and we hope to have Paula back again.”

Dana, Process Improvement and Project Execution Specialist 
Association Professional booked Paula to speak

“I used my new brand that Paula showed me how to create to introduce myself at a job fair and it worked so  well. I got a raised eyebrow, smiles and even an “Oh, that’s good.” I had the recruiters’ attention right away  and then started telling them about my background and what I was looking for. Thanks, Paula, for the great  information during “The Art of Hello” presentation at the 2019 IABC Spring Conference.”

Adrienne, Internal Communications Professional
Audience member at Art of Hello presentation

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